Global Citizen

passaporteglobalIn the globalization era that is filled by challenges and competitions are super tight, everyone is demanded not only have a high level of education, but also required to have a special capability, commonly called skill. One of the skill that most needed today is English language. In which English has been determined to be one of an international lan-guage as verbal language to comm-unicate. Also as an universal language of instruction used in almost every corner of the world.

By mastering the English language, people can communicate further so that the insight in information technology will be more open. Similarly, by having the ability to communicate using the English language is one of the big capital to step in the world and face the technological advances that are always moving forward.

The fact that English is now the main international language is indisputable. In all aspects of international life – trade, science, diplomacy, education and travel – the common language is English and has been for decades. There are two main reasons why English is the current lingua franca; political history and economics.

Mastering in English will make you a GLOBAL CITIZEN.


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