30 English words of the day: 24.01.16

Today words are:

  1. Contemplation
  2. Nun
  3. Convent
  4. Persuade
  5. Mesmerize
  6. Radicalize
  7. Crude oil
  8. Embargo
  9. Claim
  10. Vital
  11. Resist
  12. Coward
  13. Resolution
  14. Brutal
  15. Accuse
  16. Negligence
  17. Petition
  18. Temptation
  19. Utter
  20. Substance
  21. Cling
  22. Assumption
  23. Offend
  24. Resentment
  25. Distinguish
  26. Insane
  27. Marinade
  28. Endorse
  29. Ultimate
  30. Ember

  1. Contemplation – serious and ​quiet ​thought for a ​period of ​time:
    She was ​staring out over the ​lake, lost in contemplation.
    The ​nuns have an ​hour for ​silent contemplation every morning.
    Food for deep contemplation.
    Here is the deep contemplation for the next one week. 
  2. Nun – a ​member of a ​female religious group that ​lives in a ​convent:
    a ​convent ​school ​run by ​Catholic nuns
  3. Convent – a ​building in which nuns (= ​members of a ​female ​religious​ order) ​live
  4. Persuade – to make someone do or ​believe something by giving them a good ​reason to do it or by ​talking to that ​person and making them ​believe it:
    If she doesn’t ​want to go, nothing you can say will persuade her.
    [+ (that)] It’s no use ​trying to persuade him (that) you’re ​innocent.
    [+ to infinitive] He is ​trying to persuade ​local and ​foreign ​businesses to ​invest in the ​project.
    Using a ​bunch of ​bananas, the zoo-keeper persuaded the ​monkey back into ​its ​cage.
    The first ​priority is to persuade the ​management of the ​urgency of this ​matter.
    Her ​legal ​advisers persuaded her into/out of ​mentioning (= to ​mention/not to ​mention) the ​names of the ​people ​involved in the ​robbery.
    Clever ​salesmanship can persuade you to ​buy things you don’t really ​want.
    I have a ​suspicion that he only ​asked me out because my ​brother persuaded him to. Johnson was ​influential in persuading the ​producers to put ​money into the ​film.
    She used her ​womanly ​charms to persuade him to ​change his ​mind:
  5. Mesmerize -to have someone’s ​attention ​completely so that they cannot ​think of anything ​else:
    I was ​completely mesmerized by the ​performance.
  6. Radicalize – to make someone ​become more radical (= ​extreme) in ​their​ political or ​religious ​beliefs:
    The ​movie has ​clearly radicalized some ​voters.
    The ​bomber was ​thought to have been radicalized while in ​prison.
    Many ​young ​people were radicalized by the ​war.
  7. Crude (oil) -oil from ​underground that has not ​yet been made into other ​products
  8. Embargo -an ​order to ​temporarily ​stop something, ​especially ​trading or giving ​information, to ​officially ​stop ​trading with another ​country:
    They have put an embargo on ​imports of ​clothing.
    The ​police ​asked for a ​news embargo while they ​tried to ​find the ​kidnapper.
    They are ​planning to embargo ​oil ​imports.
  9. Claim – to ​ask for something of ​value because you ​think it ​belongsto you or because you ​think you have a ​right to it:
    The ​police said that if no one claims the ​watch, you can ​keep it.When King Richard III ​died, Henry VII claimed the ​English ​throne.
  10. Vital – necessary for the ​success or ​continued ​existence of something; ​extremely ​important:
    A ​strong ​opposition is vital to a ​healthy ​democracy.
    She had ​found out some ​information of vital ​importance.
    The ​kidney ​plays a vital ​role/​part in the ​removal of ​waste ​productsfrom the ​blood.
    [+ that] It’s ​absolutely vital that you do ​exactly as I say.
    [+ to infinitive] It is vital to get ​medical ​supplies to the ​area as ​soonas ​possible.
  11. Resist – to ​fight against something or someone that is ​attacking you; to ​refuse to ​accept or be ​changed by something; to ​stop yourself from doing something that you ​want to do:
    The ​soldiers resisted (the ​enemy ​attacks) for two ​days.
    The ​party ​leader resisted ​demands for his ​resignation.
    He ​tried to ​run away from the ​police and was ​charged with resisting ​arrest.
    The new ​hybrid ​crops are much ​better at resisting ​disease.
    I can never resist ​temptation/​chocolate/the ​urge to ​laugh.
    [+ -ing verb] 
    She couldn’t resist ​laughing at him in those ​clothes.
  12. Coward – a ​person who is not ​brave and is too ​eager to ​avoid ​danger, ​difficulty, or ​pain:
    They ​branded her a coward for ​informing on her ​colleagues during the ​interrogation.
  13. Resolution – a ​promise to yourself to do or to not do something:
    [+ to infinitive] made a resolution to give up ​chocolate.
  14. Brutalcruel, ​violent, and ​completely without ​feelings:
    a brutal ​dictator
    He had ​presided over a brutal ​regime in which thousands of ​peoplehad “​disappeared”.
    He was ​imprisoned in 1945 for the brutal ​murder of a twelve-year-old ​girl.
  15. Accuse –  to say that someone has done something ​morally ​wrong, ​illegal, or ​unkind:
    “Don’t ​worry, I’m not accusing you.
    He’s been accused of ​robbery/​murder.
    Are you accusing me of lying?
    The ​surgeon was accused of ​negligence.
  16. Negligence – the ​fact of not giving enough ​care or ​attention to someone or something:
    ​medical negligence
  17. Petition – to make a ​formal ​request for something, ​especially in a ​law ​court:
    They’re petitioning for/about ​better ​facilities for ​disabled ​people.
    [+ obj + to infinitive ] I ​think we should petition the ​government to​increase the ​grant for the ​project.
    She is petitioning for a re-trial.
  18. Temptation – the ​wish to do or have something that you ​know you should not do or have:
    [+ to infinitive] As a ​young ​actress, she ​resisted the temptation to​move to ​Hollywood.
  19. Utter -​complete or ​extreme:
    utter ​confusion/​misery/​chaosutter ​nonsense/​rubbish/​drivelThe ​meeting was a ​complete and utter ​waste of ​time.Lying back in the ​hot ​bath was utter ​bliss.
  20. Substance – ​importance, ​seriousness, or ​relationship to ​real ​facts:
    There is no substance in/to the ​allegation.
    This new ​information gives substance to the ​stories we have ​heard.
  21. Cling –  [I + adv/prep] to ​stick onto or ​hold something or someone ​tightly, or to ​refuse to ​stop ​holding it, him, or her:
    We got so ​wet that ​our ​clothes clung to us.
    They clung together in ​terror as the ​screams ​grew ​louder.
    One little ​girl was clinging onto a ​cuddly ​toy.
    She clung to the ​handrail as she ​walked down the ​slippery ​steps.
  22. Assumption -something that you ​accept as ​true without ​question or ​proof:
    People ​tend to make assumptions about you when you have a ​disability.
    These ​calculations are ​based on the assumption that ​prices will ​continue to ​rise.
  23. Offend – to make someone ​upset or ​angry:
    [+ that] I ​think she was offended that she hadn’t been ​invited to the ​party.He ​looked offended when you called him ​middle-aged.If the ​sight of a few ​dirty ​dishes offends you, then I ​think you’re in ​trouble!
  24. Resentment – to ​feel ​angry because you have been ​forced to ​accept someone or something that you do not like:
    She ​bitterly resented her father’s new ​wife.[+ -ing verb] He resents having to ​explain his ​work to other ​people.
  25. Distinguish (yourself) – to do something so well that you are ​admired and ​praised for it:
    He distinguished himself as a ​writer at a very early ​age.
  26. Insane – ​extremely ​unreasonable or ​stupid:
    It would be insane not to take ​advantage of this ​opportunity.
  27. Marinade -a ​mixture, usually ​containing ​oil, ​wine, or vinegar and ​herbsand ​spices, that you ​pour over ​fish or ​meat before it is ​cooked, in ​order to ​add ​flavour to it or make it tender:
    Pour the marinade over the ​beef and ​leave it for 24 ​hours.
  28. Endorse -to make a ​public ​statement of ​your ​approval or ​support for something or someone:
    The Council is ​expected to endorse the committee’s ​recommendations.formal I ​fully endorse (= ​agree with) everything the Chairperson has said.
  29. Ultimate –  most ​extreme or ​important because either the ​original or ​final, or the ​best or ​worst:
    Of ​course the ultimate ​responsibility for the ​present ​conflict without ​doubt ​lies with the ​aggressor.
    My ​manager will make the ultimate ​decision about who to ​employ.
    Infidelity is the ultimate ​betrayal.the ultimate ​luxury ​cruiser.
    ​Your ultimate ​goal is to ​play the ​game as well as you can.
    Some ​people ​believe that he is the ultimate ​painter of this ​century.
  30. Ember – a ​piece of ​wood or ​coal, etc. that ​continues to ​burn after a ​firehas no more ​flames:
    We ​sat by the ​glowing/​dying embers of the ​fire.




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  1. Bonji bonji, just a fresh idea popped up in my mind. An alternative could you 15 new words and 15 synonums. For instance, Contemplation: Reflection, meditation, deliberation, musing, pondering, etc.


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