A grammar of the day: 24.01.16

Conjunctions -n. (connecting word) – a word such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘while’, or ‘​although’ that ​connects words, ​phrases, and ​clauses in a ​sentence.

  • Conjunctions join clauses into sentences.


  1. She was poor but she was honest.
  2. I went to bed because I was tired.
  3. Can you watch the kids while I’m out?
  4. I’ll do it if I can.
  • One conjunction is enough to join two clauses – we do not normally use two.


  1. Although she was tired, she went to work. or She was tired, but she went to work.
  2. As you know, I work very hard. or You know that I work very hard.
  3. Although he was very bad-tempered, he had lots of friends.
  4. Always brush your teeth after you have a meal.
  5. Always wash your hands before you have a meal.
  6. As Liz told, her mother left for Berlin last Friday.
  7. Because I knew her family, I did what I could for her.
  8. Talk to me like that again and I’ll hit you on your face.
  9. Don’t do that again or I’ll hit you.
  10. He had a terrible temper, but everybody liked him.
  11. Liz explained to you that her mother went back home last week.
  12. If you do that again, you’ll be sorry.
  13. There’ll be trouble unless you stop that.



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