Sales vocabularies

Sales Vocabulary

  1. To buy in bulk – to buy wholesale, in large quantity
  2. Broker – person who serves as a trusted agent in commercial negotiations or transactions. Their commission is a fixed percentage of the value of the transaction or on a sliding scale (higher the value, lower the percentage).
  3. Chain stores – a group of shops, all of which are owned by one organization
  4. Close – to finalise a deal or sale
  5. Commission – fee accruing to an agent, broker, or salesperson for facilitating, initiating, and/or executing a commercial transaction.
  6. Convenience store – a shop that is often open 24 hours each day
  7. Deal – business transaction
  8. Department store – a large shop that is divided into separate departments, each selling a different type of goods
  9. Discount – A reduction in price or value. One of the most used sales vocabulary words.
  10. Guarantee – a written promise that a product will be repaired or replaced if defective
  11. Joint Venture – joining with a foreign company to manufacture or market a product or service.
  12. Objection – a reason given by a prospect for not buying
  13. To overcome an objection – to prove that an objection is invalid
  14. Trade fair – an exhibition
  15. Prospect – potential customer
  16. Retail – To sell in small quantities, directly to the consumers. One of the most used sales vocabulary words.
  17. Salesperson – someone whose job is selling things
  18. Wholesale – to sell products to those buying for resale
    or for business use.



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