New words of the Day 12.12.17

From the article:

  • Vanity:
    • [ U ] disapproving the fact that you are too interested in your appearance or achievements: 
      • He wants the job purely for reasons of vanity and ambition.
    • Adjective: used to describe something that is done with the aim of getting praise, fame, or approval rather than for serious or good reasons:
      • The new bridge was quickly condemned as a “pointless vanity project”, intended to enhance the reputation of the mayor.
      • vanity publishing
  • Nascent:
    • Adjective:​ only recently formed or started, but likely to grow larger quickly:
      • a nascent political party
      • a nascent problem
  • Ingenue:
    • noun: a young woman who has little experience and is very trusting, especially as played in films and plays
  • Adamant:
    • Adjective: impossible to persuade, or unwilling tochange an opinion or decision:
      • [ + that I’ve told her she should stay at home and rest but she’s adamant that she’s coming.



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